Send small messages
with big impact.

Strengthen the connection with your employees in the long term.
Personal messages at zero cost
Optional gift certificate messages
Gutscheinufo - Messages

Create a truly emotional moment!

A little thank you doesn't hurt anyone and can be sent directly to your employees' pocket. Optionally attach custom content to each message such as video messages, audio messages, coupons or links. How do you like the little ‘thank you’ from EDEKA AG to its employees?
Gutscheinufo - Employer branding

Stand out from
other companies!

A good working atmosphere and pleasant communication get around quickly. Impress existing and future employees with modern employer branding.
Gutscheinufo - Retention

Strong company
bond at a low price.

Link Gutscheinufo easily with your existing applicant management system. Stronger retention of your employees increases job satisfaction, effectiveness and motivation.
Simple integration into your existing system
vouchers are optionally
available to you
 messages are sent monthly
via Gutscheinufo
of the most used
messengers available
Testimonial from our customer

Confirmation messages lead to enthusiasm

Since ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE started sending confirmation messages via WhatsApp to potential new employees through Gutscheinufo, the new employees are more motivated and start working more effectively from day 1.

These companies send stunning messages with Gutscheinufo.

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