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No additional work from customers
Job parsing of the career site included
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Easily deliver all applications to any ATS: 
+152 ATS
Mega-Apply - Connection

Fully automated transfer of applications

You connect to the Mega-Apply interface only once and from now on you can deliver to any ATS worldwide. Raise your technical know-how to the standard expected by the market and this at a very fair price.
Mega-Apply - Customer Perception

Be among the
most pleasant contract partners

Due to the fully automated connection without any input from your customers, the effort for all parties is reduced. The willingness to agree high contract volumes increases enormously.
Higher volume
through less effort
Mega-Apply - Cost Savings

Save 90% of connection costs

Individual connections via agencies are expensive and no longer up to date. The worldwide used Mega-Apply interface reduces the costs for connection and maintenance enormously. We don't have any basic fees, only a fair and favorable API call pricing.
+150 ATS connected within 24h
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satisfied job boards & agencies
from 30 countries use our interface
job ads worldwide
connected to Mega-Apply
applicant tracking systems can
be integrated worldwide
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At least one new customer per day with Mega-Apply

Austria's second largest job board successfully feeds applications into its customers' ATS and connects at least one new customer per day via Mega-Apply.
Fully automated connection leads to consistently high contract partnerships for & its customers.
The sales cycle has been significantly shortened due to the speed of the connection with Mega-Apply.
Customer demos stand out with special WOW moments (e.g. live test applications).

+60 job boards & agencies
are already on an API top level through Mega-Apply!

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