The digitized transition
between school & work.

Finding, documenting and completing a student internship.
Optimal interaction between students, teachers,
educational staff and the company.
Schü - Find internships

Integrated student internship exchange

Enable your students to quickly & easily find suitable student internships and create an application for them. You avoid that someone applies only once for an internship and does not have an internship confirmation at the start time.
Schü - Supervision

Quality of supervision rises & you got more time!

You no longer have to wait for the internship folder to be handed over to you, but can see the progress of your students' internship documentation at a glance. Because you can influence the quality of the documentation from day 1, the success of your students increases demonstrably.
Schü - Documentation

All required documents
with one click.

You export all relevant documents for the follow-up of the internship with just one click. This shortens e.g. the preparation of the report presentation at the end of the school year enormously.
students use
student internships on
the internal job board
German federal states
use Schü
Testimonial of our customer

150 schools in the state of Berlin!

The transition between school and work has a significant impact on a young person's life. The use of Schü has demonstrably improved the entry into working life for pupils in Berlin.
The average age of a first-year apprentice is very positively influenced by Schü
The digital coordination processes have significantly simplified the internship phase.
The documentation and export function has a positive effect on all processes after the internship phase.

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